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Founder and managed by George Choriatopoulos

A man with experience, A man with a vision,
A man who helps others accomplish dreams.

Since 1975


The Businessman

George Choriatopolous founded the Self Development Foundation in 1975.

A man dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to develop and use their full potential in many areas of their lives, personal development, management development, leadership development, supervision development and most importantly sales skills development.

George understands the important role of professional selling, not only in business but the whole country.

He is currently the chairman of four very successful companies. Over the years, George has assisted many companies to achieve their organisational goals and increase their revenue and profits dramatically.

The Author

George is in the process of writing his autobiography entitled


He has also developing his own program called ‘ACHIEVEMENTS IN PROGRESS”.


The Awards and Recognition 
As a franchisee, Salesman and Businessman, he has received many national and international awards, including:

*‘Franchisee of the year’ award in South Africa for 7 consecutive years

*International sales leader of the year award for 2 consecutive years

*World motivator of the year award

The Personality 

George believes that all people can live a more rewarding and successful lifestyle because we are surrounded by an unlimited supply of opportunities everywhere and the greatest miracle god has created is people. The more you share your success and achievements with others, the more you will benefit yourself.


The Speaker

For many years, George has been in great demand in South Africa and in the United States as a motivational and inspirational speaker for large sales conventions, management seminars and workshops.

He has shared the platform with billionare Peter Daniels, a very successful businessman from Australia and with Paul J Meyer, the founder and chairman of Success Motivation International and leadership management international U.S.A. Texas.