Galleria Pharmacy

George Choriatopoulos has been doing executive coaching. supervision and management development for my managers, co-directors and me for the last 20 years. He has assisted me in the principle of multiplication, which helped me expand my pharmacy into 3. I have subsequently sold them to a large organization and my partner and I were able to retire. I have now immigrated to the USA and I am in the process of exporting products to the USA. I meet with George whenever I am in South Arica and he is assisting me with marketing and selling the products in the USA.”

Owner & Managing Director - Costa Neocleous

Federal Mogul

Initially I questioned the merits of George Choriatopoulos’ services since we have a very successful team and company. However, after running the services of George with his Dynamics of Personal Leadership program for 6 weeks for a total of 46 people. we have already achieved benefits . Our turnover growth goal has increased from 18% before the course to 41% during the start of the course, with a present feeling that 75% is not impossible

General Manager- Rob Pietersma

Old Mutual

“Little did I realise when I first met you and you introduced me to the “Dynamics of Personal Leadership” that I was to embark on a program which would have such tremendous influence in my personal life and in my business, which has made remarkable progress in productivity – an improvement of 14%. turnover by 24% and retention of business has risen by 9.25%”
Branch Manager- Francois Thudichum

Crown Mills

“Since we have been using George’s services with the S.M.!. program, we have achieved an increase in gross profit of a62%, and an increase in return of capital from 27% to 37%. Just a 3 day course is not a benefit, but with the S.M.!. program there is ongoing spaced repetition and with the benefits of your follow ups, our reps accepted personal responsibility.”
General Manager -Peter Burger

Trident Steel (Pty) Ltd

Dear George, by having completed your course “Dynamics of Personal Motivation,” I take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to you for the excellent results and many benefits we have derived applying your principles. We have managed to iron out many of our business problems. We have clearly defined goals within our company and each member of our sales team now knows exactly what is wanted from him and is working towards these goals. Despite the unhealthy economic climate, we have managed a satisfactory increase in sales and profits. I can strongly recommend your course to anyone who has his own welfare & that of his company at heart.

Founder and Managing Director -E.A. Behr


“Since our Financial Maraeting Manager completed the Management Motivation program with George, his attitude towards his job and sales staff has improved and his positivism was a strong influence on the whole division, and he has been a major reason for my remaining at N.C.R. after having been offered a poasition with another computer company.”

Accounts Manager – Richard Keller

Chatney Investments

“George Choriatopoulos, the founder of Self Development Foundation, has prevented me from making hasty decisions that would have cost me and my companies a substantial amount of money. Over the years his programs and follow up service had been very influential in starting my own business and today I have 3 very successful companies.”
Owner & Managing Director -Peter Evgeniou



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