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Leading Organisations to Sucessful Achievements

What we do

We lead and coach people and organisations to the path of succssful achievement, by assisting them to develop and use more of their untapped potential.
We provide the key to self motivation by developing their desire for successful living and achievement.
We inspire and agitate enthusiasm to turn goals into reality.
We are merchants of dreams.

Success is not a destination but a continuous journey,therefore self development is not a destination , it is a continuous journey.
We provide continuous support ,assistance and programs that teach leaders how to reach goals and dreams.
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Available programs 

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Dynamic Goal Setting Program .

In today's fast changing enviroment effective goal setting skills are a Neccessity not a Luxury.

The Program develops your skills on effective goal setting that allows you to take charge of your Life and Career.
Goal setting directs you to become the master of destiny, the captain of your ship.

The program participants realise that they can Accomplish their Goals by Helping the Company Accomplish it's Goals. Becoming a WIN WIN situation.

By becoming personally motivated with entuasiasm you become an asset to yourself and any organisation.

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Effective Personal Ledership Program.

This program gives you the ability to crystalize your thinking and establish self confidence that gives you a direction for your own life and career.

The program will prepare you to recognise and believe in your full potential to develop a strong self image, to generate a supply of self motivation and become
a goal setter.

Effective personal leadership will provide the rewards you desire such as your own path to success, the belief that you are following a plan that is right for you and
living a life that meaningful to you instead of a life conditioned by others.

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Strategic Plan for companies to maximise their potential.

This program incorporates a three phase plan :

Phase one : Identifying the companies present positionin in the market place and with their stakeholders.

Phase two : Identifying company future positioning by establishing where the company wants to go.

Phase three : Implementing strategic plans of action by customising unique methodology to the companies requirements that will produce measurable results.

You can not predict the future but this strategic plan will enable you to create the future.

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Effective Selling Strategies and sales motivation.

Harvard buiness review Article said : Many organisations will see their growth threatened, slowed or stopped because of
failure in Leadership development, Unprofessional sales people and non effective propecting methods.

The Effective Selling strategies will assist your sales force in becoming masters in  prospecting, networking and utilizing their creative imaginations.

The purpose , aim and major objective of this program is to present guidlines and tested principles of motivation for the executive who manages and supervises salesman of how to get more production from his sales organisation.

The most Powerfu force for increasing sales is Personal Motivation with Enthusiasm that sells.

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Motivational talks by International keynote speaker.

Motivation is a key element in our daily lives and should be accessibe to everyone.Without breaking the bank
invite us to attend and kick off your monthly meetings, conferences and workshops .
Resulting in motivating and preparing the participants to become more receptive  for the main theme of the event.

Our keynote speaker is a prolefic speaker and presenter and has an amazing ability to wake up the sleeping giant from within people. 

You will benefit from his uniqueness when he combines your needs (After a needs analyses) with his 30 years of research and succesfull implementation experience in commerce.

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